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Country Mallow

Hindi Name : Kanghi (कंघी)

Sanskrit Name : Atibala

Other Common Names : Indian abutilon, Indian mallow, Monkey bush, Moon-Flower

Botanical Names : Abutilon indicum Pennel

Kanghi Uses : Facial Paralysis, Increases Strength, Joint Disorders

Kanghi effects on Doshas : Pacifies Vata and Pitta

Details : Well known for treating joint aches, kanghi or country mallow is anti - inflammatory & analgesic. 
It protects liver by preventing disorders thus, plant is hepatoprotective. 
Decoctions are used in lung ailments as tuberculosis & bronchitis. 
Infusions of root & bark help to treat infections of urinary tract. 
Anti - microbial property of the plant helps to treat tooth ache through the use of twigs juice gargle.
Also, the herb is a great laxative & stimulates gastric & intestinal secretions.


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