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Nut Grass

Hindi Name : Nagarmotha (नागरमोथा)

Sanskrit Name : Mustaka

Other Common Names : Cypriol

Botanical Names : Cyperus rotundus Linn Pennel

Nagarmotha Uses : Diabetes, Fever, Solar Dermatitis

Nagarmotha effects on Doshas : Pacifies kapha and pitta

Details : Nagarmotha is a popular ingredient of your favourite chyawanprash. 
The plant is a fever - pacifier i.e it it works against fever and thus is a natural anti - pyretic. 
Nagarmotha is antihelmintic which means it checks worm - infestations in your body. Whether it is your gut or any other body that suffers worm infections,  Nagarmotha can help to a great extent. 
Charak Samhita has emphasised that this herb keeps a check at obesity also. 
Many formulations of Nagarmotha are used to prevent liver and lung diseases also. 
Also, the herb has been used to treat diarrhoea, cough, insomnia, blood disorders and erysipelas, epilespsy and skin disorders.
Nagarmotha herb, thus works wonder in many health issues.


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