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Ayurveda Diet Plan and it's Importance

Ayurveda Diet Plan and it's Importance

Life today has turned into a desk of challenges & facing them seems to be the only motive of man. Amidst this rush,  daily life schedule has become ruffled and health is being severely overlooked. No wonder, dependence on instant foods and 'good to tongue ' junks have thrown our bodies out of balance due to exposure to toxins.

Has anybody realized that in recent years,  the incidences of many life-threatening diseases have been increasing at a high rate? One of the major cause is a change from ' healthy eating ' to  'convenience eating '. 

Rightly said -  'Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.' 
So, before your body becomes a platform of diseases, its time that importance of a healthy lifestyle and wise eating habits should be restored. 

Ayurveda -  'the science of healing'  has a solution for everything. Its principles about foods work with the body 's innate intelligence in order to promote natural self-healing. 

It is believed that all good health starts with digestion and with proper metabolism of food. Therefore,  Ayurveda diet presents before you the guidelines for a diet that complements your body rhythm and optimizes well - being- both physically & mentally.

What is Ayurveda Diet?  
A set of foods and proper recommendations about eating habits (i.e the type of food and time of eating) that suits your body type and works on the imbalances of your body. A set of guidelines that promotes wise eating habits that enhances your health,  builds strong immunity and helps treat & or prevent diseases. 

How Ayurveda diet helps Health?
Ayurveda is based on rhythmic changes found in nature - thus it identifies how to feed your body to bring systems work in sync with nature. Hence,  Ayurveda Diet is customized dependent on specific body type
The way foods are eaten ( whether cooked or raw)  is not only related to the stage of their maximum nutrient efficiency but also influences the way it gets digested.  Ayurveda diet gives all knowledge about using food to upgrade your health. It advises to choose something more seasonally appropriate,  also something that is apt for your body type ( dosha),  food habits that suit Prakriti ( nature)  of your body systems & help eliminate any vikriti ( health disturbance). 

'Eat to Nourish your body,  Not to Cherish your tongue '
Suppose,  If you are aware of a complete list of food items that can weaken your immune system you can skip them (irrespective of their taste) to ditch diseases and infections. Similarly, if you know how to eat Right food at the Right time your health will definitely be benefitted. Ayurveda plays this wonderful job for you. 

Benefits of Ayurveda Diet 
' When diet is wrong,  medicine is of no use. When diet is correct,  Medicine is of no need.' - An idea most of you may doubt at but quite true. Ayurveda Diet has the potential to keep away your health problems. 

Some benefits of Ayurveda Diet are enlisted :
Balance in Body 
An era where issues of hormonal imbalances have become common. What if,  along with medicines,  food too can help you. Ayurveda diet based on the principle of balance works best and helps solve the issue.

Strong Immunity 
The diet favors whole grains & foods. It also brings in notice towards some really good tricks to keep infections away.  Also, the diet includes foods that are nutrient - dense and supports immunity.

Improves Digestion 
The Ayurvedic diet focuses on limiting incompatibilities,  or foods that are not tolerated well. It also inhibits refined fats, artificial additives, processed, inflammatory foods that can lead to poor gut health. There ' s evidence that Ayurvedic diet may help people overcome conditions affecting gastrointestinal system,  such as hyperacidity,  irritable bowel syndrome,  constipation, and heartburn etc.

Improves Metabolism 
Ayurveda diet gifts an integrative health with improvement in metabolism and thus enhances the proper functioning of the body systems. For eg.-  Increased efficiency in the excretion process and better work at the cleansing body from toxins.

Aids weight loss 
The diet that favors balance also keeps a check on your calories.  Right food at perfect intervals and an increased
metabolism - Ayurveda diet present all the key to a healthy weight cutting off excess fat from the body. Unlike the crash diets and nutrient - deficient diets that starve you and still pay back with regain of all the lost weight ( as soon as you unfollow them), the diet that Ayurveda recommends gives permanent results.

Complements medicines and other treatments
A good diet - specific to your physiology is capable to treat diseases and health issues in a better way.
Incorporating Ayurveda Diet helps various CAM ( Complementary & Alternative Medicine)  treatments like homeopathy,  Allopathy etc & thus aids in treatment with efficiency.
You must have heard that - ' The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.' 

At least you can control what you put in your body.  Therefore,  Wise is to choose a diet that favors your body type & rhythms and brings you the Happiness of Health. Ayurveda Diet thus deserves at least one fair try. 

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