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Importance of Yoga

Importance of Yoga

In our country when it comes to awareness about health, majority of the people can be distinguished in two categories. One, Unaware about health - those who have no idea of what health and healthy habits mean. And the other are - Overaware people who choose such rich lifestyle ideas that drain their every nerve by 'over the limit' workout hours, numerous pills and supplements. No surprise, rest of the population keeps switching between the two groups. Although mankind has entered an era of well advanced medical facilities, the expected quality of life still seems to be far from reality. Unfortunately idea of Health and ideal healthy habits is missing. Its thus high time to get back to the roots. Its time to revise and realise the Power of Yoga.

Yoga - the art of healing which embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action, restrain and fulfillment and above all harmony between man and nature. A practice discovered years ago - yet unmatched in effeciency - Yoga has the power of connectivity of the body to the mind. This ancient form of exercise is based on consistent development of body, mind and spirit and thus aims towards 'Healthy mind in a Healthy Body'.

Five minutes of anulom vilom a day can help you handle stress better, few minutes of balasana can help you get sound sleep without any sleeping pill, few sets of surya namaskar a day will give you immense benefits through stretching by improving work of circulatory system. And the list can continue to impress you endlessly because the health benefits of different type of Yoga and yogasanas are multifold.

A strong and flexible body, glowing and beautiful skin, fit body, peaceful mind, disease - free body or good health - Whatever you may be looking for, Yoga has its own kind of offers and solutions for you. Unlike gym workouts which leaves your body strained and painful at the end of the day, yoga takes away all your pain and returns you with a feeling - Blissfull, calm and content.

Whether you are suffering from minor health issues like digestive problems, sleeplessness, anxiety, 'all day tired' feeling or Major health disturbances or diseases - Yoga has the power to combat all.

In short, Yoga can help greatly to 'Prevent, Treat and Overcome' Disease. So, if you are suffering from any disease or even undergoing any medical treatment,  What you can do is get a consultation from a Yoga expert and Involve the advised yogasanas in your daily schedule that will help you definitely to treat and overcome disease in a better way with reasonable time. Even If you feel lucky to be disease - free, few minutes of Yoga can act as a charger and rejuvenator of your day. The era where physical hard work is reducing to negligible, be it students, job employees or businessmen, all the work seems to turn in 'at the desk ' jobs, practice of yogasanas can help reduce the ill effects and maintain hormonal, physical and psychological balance.

Yoga everyday provides the much needed fillip that boosts your energy & keeps you fresh throughout the day. It offers 'All - round fitness' as it improves physical strength, bone health and flexibility, relieves stress, increases concentration power, aids in weight loss, combats many life threatening diseases by activating immune system. By focusing on breathing during every Yoga pose of yogasanas help in improving associative work of circulatory, respiratory and other systems of your body thus helping it to rehabilitate and work better.

So, It is enviable that Yoga must be an integral part of your lives. Entrusting  Yoga will turn out to be one of the wisest decisions about your health.
One Life - Want to Live it to the fullest Potential OR Let It Go?  
Decision is Yours.

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