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Some Common Myths about Ayurveda

Some Common Myths about Ayurveda

Still In Doubt?

Although Science of Ayurveda has proved to give miraculous results, still it has been victim of several misconceptions and myths. We at Ayurvedam want you to be free of any doubts about effeciency of Ayurveda so that you can trust us and the ancient science of healing. Here, we put forth some common myths about Ayurveda and the logics to prove them wrong.

1) In the era of Western Medical Treatments, is Ayurveda still Relevant? 
- Ayurveda has been healing lives since 5000 years. It is the knowledge extracted after long years of study and meditation. Ayurveda has survived the era when no other kind of medical treatment was available. It is the utlimate Science of Healing Till date. From health disturbances as trifle as a stomach ache to life threatening diseases, Ayurveda is continuously helping people overcome illnesses. Its relevance can never be lost.

2) Ayurvedic treatments take time. 
- Treatment always depends upon the type of disease and the duration it has effected the body. Ayurveda like any other treatment takes reasonable time as it targets the root cause of disease and not only the symptoms.

3) Ayurveda too has side effects?
-Ayurveda relies on the principle of Nature and thus uses natural remedies and products. Keeping in care about the dosages, ayurvedic medicines and treatments can never cause side effects.

4) Is it to safe Ayurvedic treatment with Allopathy? 
As far as your Medical Practitioner knows about it, Ayurveda and Allopathy can go hand in hand to treat major and complex diseases with increased effeciency and safety.

5) All Ayurvedic medicines are heating in nature
- Nature exhibits huge diversity among all forms of life. The science which believes in bioindividuality of each patient also believes in diversity of plant forms. Every herb has its own prakriti(nature) and medicines are given on the basis of your disease, body rythms and metabolism so, no need to worry.

We Hope all your doubts must be cleared by now. Hence, we invite you to the World of Ayurveda. Give your Body an opportunity to Heal with Nature's help.

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