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IRON WARRIOR Sturdy Yoga MAT Large

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Specifications & Description :

Color - BLACK
Weight - 1.60 Kilograms
Shape - FLAT
Material-Type: foam
Outer-Material: foam
Season - Year-Round
Size - 10 millimeters

  • Extra thick Finest mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors, best gift for your parents or loved ones
  • No dirty rubber odor causing you allergies
  • Most preferred mat by legendary Iyengar institutes
  • No wear and tear, very sturdy and durable mat of good quality which is proudly 'made in India'
  • Suryanamaskar poster will remind you and your family member to do yoga or exercise to stay fit


We have been working in the fitness industry for more than 12yrs and committed to give complete fitness solution to our and we will serve till the time you are satisfied, this is the promise. Iron warrior fitness is a complete Indian company and this product is proudly made in India. 
benefits of iron warrior yoga mat:

1) 'Iron warrior yoga mat' is an extra thick mat for asanas like ushtrasana or for exercise like burpees can be done easily without hurting the knee.

2) Institutes like Iyengar yoga in Pune prefers this kind of mats, and it is also preferred by many gyms for its better quality and safety of the client. 
3) 'iron warrior yoga mat' is a sturdy, long-lasting mat. It is not made up of rubber so it will not get torn out for as long as 1 to 3 yrs depending on the usage 
4) regular mat has dirty odor resulting in an allergic reaction for some people,'iron warrior yoga mat'has a smooth smell of a product, which will last only for initial 2 days of usage. 
5) iron warrior yoga mat will not leave any handprint or footprints after use.


1) You can just wipe it with the wet cloth, do not wash it. 


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