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Yoga Poses


Balance Pose

Benefits : Increases concentration, Strengthening the shoulder, Helps in gastric problems, Smoothens the functioning of abdominal muscles

About : 'Tula' means 'Taraju' ; the traditional weighing tool. The name indicates that yogasana is somewhere concerned with balancing. This yoga pose involves balancing the whole body on palms....read more


Boat Pose

Benefits : Relieve stress, improve digestion, stimulate the thyroid, strengthens the adductor muscles of the inner thighs

About : This is one of the best yogasana for improving digestion. It brings internal organs to good work. It also Strengthens thighs and lower back. The name comes from the Sanskrit words nava....read more


Bow Pose

Benefits : Improves posture, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, relief from headache

About : This yogasana makes the entire body, especially the vertebral column elastic and soft. It is helpful in circulation and excretion. It removes extra fat of your hips and waist. The name....read more

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Bridge Pose

Benefits : Improve blood circulation, calms your mind, Reduces anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache and insomnia

About : It is a good yogasana for strengthening and stretching your body simultaneously. This yogasana not only helps reduce stress but also improves blood circulation. While doing this pose,....read more


Camel Pose

Benefits : Relief from back pain, Improves circulation, Stimulates the nervous, Respiratory and endocrine system, Very good for asthma patients

About : This yogasana is one another yogasana from a series of bending and stretching yoga poses. It includes backward bend of the body while in sitting position. It is an advanced yogasana....read more


Child Pose

Benefits : Stretches the low back, helps lengthen and stretch out the spine, ease neck and back pain

About : This yoga pose will feel more like a relaxing pose than being an exercise because it relieves stress and calms your body. The name comes from the Sanskrit words bala meaning "child"....read more


Cobra Pose

Benefits : Increases flexibility, improves digestion and blood circulation, strengthens the arms, spine and shoulders

About : This yogasana stretches your back and helps decrease any stiffness or rigidity in your back. Bhujanga, the Sanskrit word for (snake), is derived from the root bhuj, which means 'to....read more


Cow Face Pose

Benefits : Enhances strength built up of legs and arms, Improves mobility of the body and strengthens the spine, Reduces fat

About : This particular yogasana aims towards partial stretching of the body, especially arms and legs. It is a simple twisting yoga exercise aimed to bring balance in the body as well as calm....read more


Crocodile Pose

Benefits : Relaxes muscles and soothes Cramps and pain, Improves blood circulation, Enhances digestive system

About : This is one of the simplest yogasanas and is good to start with yoga pose for beginners. It is exactly as shalabhasana but the bend is in an outward direction. Also known as 'crocodile....read more

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Facing Dog

Benefits : Decreased anxiety, increases circulation of blood, Healthy Skin, improves the immune system, Stretches Body

About : The name comes from the Sanskrit words adhas (अधस्) meaning 'down', mukha (मुख) meaning 'face', śvāna (श्वान)....read more


Easy Pose

Benefits : Releases tension, anxiety and relaxes the body, benefits your mind and nerves, Helps you attain calmness

About : It is the most decent yoga pose. 'Sukha' means pleasure. This is what the yogasana is aimed for i.e. to enhance sensitivity. It is a beginner pose for meditation practitioners. Sitting....read more

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Extended Side Angle Pose

Benefits : Improve digestion, strengthens the legs, knees, and ankles, balance and stamina improve greatly

About : Want to loose flab off your chubby waist? This is an amazing Yoga pose to help you. Also, this will tone your calves and strengthen your shoulder, chest, spine, hips and hamstrings.....read more

Yoga is a wonder bucket of mystical health benefits. Whether you want to cure any health disorder or just want to stay fit- Yoga is a one in all solution.

Here, We at Ayurvedam are going to acknowledge you with some amazing yogasanas that will not only drain all lactic acid of your tired muscles but help you build healthier, toned and strong body improving balance in your body simultaneously.