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Child Pose

Sanskrit Name : Bālāsana

Other Common Names : Garbhasana and Shashankasana

About : This yoga pose will feel more like a relaxing pose than being an exercise because it relieves stress and calms your body. The name comes from the Sanskrit words bala meaning "child" and asana (आसन) meaning "posture" or "seat". It is first pose introduced to the yoga beginner, it is easy and highly beneficial.

Steps for Child Pose

Sit on the floor and bend your knees below your hips.

Bring your arms backwards to touch your toes.

Lie your head downwards in a calming manner.

Hold and repeat.

Benefits of Child Pose

It opens up the hips

Stretches the low back

Helps lengthen and stretch out the spine

Stretches the ankles, hips and shoulders

Helps ease neck and back pain

Avoid Child Pose When

Have knee injury

Child Pose during Pregnancy

Can only do wide-legged variation of the pose with suggestion of health advisor.


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